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HPE releases OneView 3.10

HPE announced the newest version of its converged infrastructure management platform OneView 3.1 at HPE Discover early June. Now the software bits are available for download as well. So, what’s new in version 3.1? Storage Automation Profile driven automated volume provisioning with StoreVirtual: Version 2.0 added support for 3PAR storage automation, now you can connect your StoreVirtual virtual (VSA based) and physical StoreVirtual 3200 appliances as well under OneView control. Create volumes and attach them directly to the server from the OneView console. iSCSI boot & data volume access configuration is done automatically. 3PAR Thin Dedupe volume support is...

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Getting started with HPE OneView Global Dashboard

With the release of OneView 3.0 comes also the initial release of OneView Global Dashboard. This will enable Federation of multiple OneView instances running as a VM appliance or in the new Synergy environments. More information on Global Dashboard can be found here: Let’s get started with Global Dashboard. First we download the bits from the HPE Software Depot. I am not going to describe here the deployment of an OVA file inside VMware, should be quite obvious (or Google it). After the deployment we start the virtual machine: After having read the License Agreement, select Agree. Use the...

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How-To: update HPE OneView

With the availability of OneView 3.0 on the HPE Software Depot, means as well that it is time to update my own OneView instance controlling my ‘home lab’. 2 years ago I wrote a similar article already on the update process of OneView (it was from 1.05 to 1.10). Since then, lots of things has changed so I decided to post an up-to-date procedure going from 2.x to 3.0… First you have to download the upgrade file from the HPE Software Depot. Second always create a backup of your current OneView installation. You can do this in the Settings...

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OneView 3.0 released

One of the major announcements at HPE Discover in Las Vegas was the newest version of its converged/composable management platform OneView 3.0. So what’s really new? OneView Federation With the new OneView Global Dashboard you can manage up to 10 OneView appliances and delivers a unified management of OneView virtual appliances and Synergy Composer instances. 1000’s of servers in one view… 😉 Online Virtual Connect migration So far, customers with existing blade enclosures with Virtual Connect modules who wanted to migrate to OneView needed to plan downtime to migrate the Virtual Connect configuration into OneView. With version 3.0 there...

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HPE OneView for VMware vCenter 7.8 released

HPE (got to get used to this new Hewlett Packard Enterprise stuff…) released the latest version of it connector software between HP OneView and VMware vCenter. I was waiting for this one because, since I upgraded to the latest version of OneView 2.0, some information was not appearing anymore inside my vCenter client. Seems to be solved now with this version 7.8 which clearly states in the Release Notes that it officially supports OneView 2.0… So for those impatient guys like me that update directly to the latest version without reading the Release Notes, maybe you should… 😉 HPE...

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