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HPE enables Customer Self-Update for its 3PAR portfolio

HPE has introduced enhancements in HPE 3PAR OS 3.3.1 and Service Processor 5.0.0 or later that simplify the installation of HPE 3PAR OS patches. So far, 3PAR customers needed to contact HPE Services (PointNext) to schedule minor and major updates on their 3PAR arrays. With these enhancements it enables you to self-install these patches at your convenience without needing to schedule time with HPE Pointnext. With HPE 3PAR OS 3.3.1 and Service Processor 5.0.0 or later, except for the healthcheck, all other pre-requisite checks that are needed for patch installation have been simplified and automated. The new web-based Service...

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HPE InfoSight is alive and kicking

Bye bye StoreFrontRemote, welcome HPE InfoSight… So far, HPE offered the StoreFrontRemote portal for cloud-based monitoring of its storage portfolio. For instance 3PAR, StoreOnce and StoreVirtual were supported. With the acquisition of Nimble and its InfoSight portal, that delivers cross-stack analytics, HPE announced last year at HPE Discover in Madrid that they would unify all those portals and extend InfoSight analytics to its 3PAR platform… Current 3PAR customers might have noticed that HPE is started with revamping its StoreFrontRemote portal with InfoSight goodies… All(most all) HPE storage platforms are now combined in this 1 portal. And it doesn’t stop...

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HPE releases OneView 4.0

HPE released the newest version of its Converged Infrastructure Management software being OneView. Initially, OneView gave the server administrator a centralized management of its C7000 blade enclosures and some DL Proliant servers. Meanwhile you cannot only manage almost all ML, DL, BL, Apollo and Synergy server systems with OneView, also HPE 3PAR and StoreVirtual storage solutions are included now. This makes OneView the foundation for a true software-defined datacenter. An overview on what is new in 4.0 shows a long list of new features in nearly all aspects of the package: Deploy infrastructure at cloud like speed OneView 4.0...

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HPE preloads ClearOS on their servers: Linux made easy

Already there on some Gen9 servers, now you will get ClearOS as well on the Gen10 MicroServer, and as an option on all other Proliant servers. ClearOS? Well it didn’t ring a bell for me either. Time for some research! ClearOS is an affordable and reliable CentOS based Linux operating system, ideal for small and medium businesses with an easy to use web-based user interface and an application marketplace filled with 100+ essential applications such as file/print, web, mail, media, firewall, anti-virus/anti-spam, content filtering, remote backup and more. ClearOS has been shipping for the past 7 years, has over...

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HPE announces InfoSight on 3PAR: AI for the Data Center

With HPE Discover (Madrid 28-30/11) arriving soon, HPE announced today the industry’s first artificial intelligence (AI) recommendation engine designed to simplify and reduce the guesswork in managing infrastructure and improve application reliability. HPE InfoSight is an industry-leading predictive analytics platform, thanks to the acquisition of Nimble storage earlier this year, that brings software-defined intelligence to the data center with the ability to predict and prevent infrastructure problems before they happen. Leveraging advanced machine learning, the new capabilities for HPE InfoSight pave the path toward an autonomous data center. Every second, HPE InfoSight analyzes millions of sensors across the globally...

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