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HPE strengthens its 3PAR portfolio with 15 (!!) major innovations

HPE announced today what they call itself their biggest storage announcement since the 3PAR 7000 platform release 4 years ago. They position all the updates and innovations under 4 pillars which highlights the new requirements for the data-center of the future.   App acceleration Express Writes is an optimization of the 3PAR OS protocol by lowering CPU interrupts per write IO. This delivers lower write latency for SSD and HDD. This is now even more optimized in the new 3PAR OS 3.3.1 giving 20% performance increase for FC and double performance gain for iSCSI solutions. File Persona has several...

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HPE StoreVirtual 3200 becomes mature with new software update 13.5

HPE announced today the next version of its StoreVirtual OS version SVOS 13.5. Current version at release of the SV3200 was 13.0, with an update  a little after the latest version now was 13.1. Procedure how to update is explained in another blog article on This new version brings 2 important features that we were missing with the initial release of the product in 2015. One of the most important features of the long-existing Lefthand solutions was scale-out. You start with 2 nodes and can grow to 16 nodes when needed. Other important feature was multi-site awareness with...

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How-to: update StoreVirtual 3200

With the release of the new StoreVirtual 3200 with its new OneView-like StoreVirtual Management Console SVMC means as well that the procedure to update the system changed compared to the previous CMC node upgrades. In the past all nodes were upgraded automatically one by one after having synchronized all data, in the new dual-controller system things slightly change. When logging on to the new SVMC GUI you will find some ‘donuts’ showing that major and/or minor updates are available for this system. When clicking on these donuts you are instantly redirected to the Software Updates pages, which can be...

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HPE announces HyperConverged Operating Environment 2.0

One of the announcements at HPE Discover in London 2016 was the next step of HPE into the HyperConverged world with the launch of the HyperConverged Operating Environment 2.0 (HCOE). Before we dive into the details I want to share the latest Gartner quadrant on Integrated Systems. We see that, compared to the 2015 version, the 2 largest movers are SGI (now part of HPE) and HPE themselves. Looking good for the future. UPDATE 17/01/2017    Simplivity is the 3rd biggest mover, which is acquired today by… HPE! This quadrant does not even take into account the launch of the...

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Storage updates from HPE Discover London 2016

HPE Discover is started in London with a lot of announcements. In this article I will wrap up all storage related news. In later articles I will dive deeper in each topic. Apps: faster, faster, faster No new storage products are actually announced, but more optimizations on existing platforms. One cool feature is the tech preview of HPE 3PAR 3D Cache technology aka Storage Class Memory. This is planned to be available starting in 20000 models by adding Intel Optane cards (3D X-Point technology) inside the controllers delivering more performance (read: lower latency) compared to traditional SSD NAND Flash...

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