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Want to know more about HPE Nimble storage? Start here!

With the acquisition of Nimble some weeks ago, HPE adds an important stack of storage arrays into their storage portfolio. What does this mean for the existing solutions MSA, StoreVirtual and 3PAR? We’ll have to wait for that a little longer as the HPE storage management team sets the futures of the roadmap. While waiting, I want to start writing up about what HPE exactly acquired on hardware and software side, and so to be ready for the future! Hardware Today Nimble has 3 series of storage products in its portfolio: The AF-series are All-Flash arrays delivering the highest...

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HPE doubles AFA All-Flash performance with new 3PAR 9450 and 20000 R2 models

HPE just announced a new series of 3PAR midrange and high-end storage arrays prior to HPE Discover next week in Las Vegas. The 9450 fills the gap between the 8000 and 20000 series, and the 20000 R2 platform got a performance improvement to the current 20000 models by adding better CPU’s (more cores) and more cache memory. HPE 3PAR 9450 Let it be clear, the 9450 is not replacing the 8000 series models, and so becomes more the bigger (faster) brother of the 8450. It will coexist between the 8450 and 20450 AFA All-Flash arrays. Second thing to understand...

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How-To: enable Adaptive Optimization on HPE StoreVirtual 3200

One of the nice features of the new StoreVirtual 3200 system is the support for performance tiering to SSD. HPE calls this, similar to 3PAR, Adaptive Optimization. In this article I will describe the process how to enable Adaptive Optimization. Know that for using this feature you will need the Advanced Data Services license and at least 4 SSD disks. Due to the active/active controller configuration 2 RAID 1 sets will be created. 6 SSD’s or more allow RAID5… Setup In my SV3200 I have 8 SAS drives configured in 2 RAID5 devices of 4 disks each in 1...

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HPE acquires Simplivity & Nimble: what’s next?

Probably you all heard already about the recent acquisitions of Simplivity and Nimble by HPE. Many articles are already written about this topic (here, here and here) so I am not gonna repeat the old news. However, there is 1 big question that remains (and where HPE is not (yet) showing its long-term vision yet) is: what’s next? Is MSA dead? StoreVirtual maybe? Is Nimble replacing 3PAR? What about the software-defined storage stack in Simplivity versus StoreVirtual VSA? One thing that HPE should avoid is creating a gigantic storage and HCI portfolio like Dell/EMC where you have plenty/too much...

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Want to start with StoreVirtual VSA? Begin with VSA Ready Nodes!

With all the spotlights on the big HPE 3PAR storage announcement some days ago, I notice that not everyone is aware of the release of a new storage whitepaper called HPE StoreVirtual VSA Ready Nodes. Which is IMHO also a big step forward for everyone busy with StoreVirtual VSA. So what is this all about and why is it important? This document is THE BIBLE for everyone that wants to start with StoreVirtual VSA. It contains a list of all the things to think about when designing, sizing and implementing the solution: Architectural overview Reference configurations Performance estimates Networking...

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