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Installing HP Agents on ESX

I had that much questions regarding installing the HP Insight Agents on ESX servers, here is the one and only precedure: Download the latest HP Agents for ESX from   Save the *.tgz file somewhere and transfer it to the ESX server using a utility like WinSCP.   After copying, log in to the console of the ESX server.   Go to the directory where you saved the *.tgz file.   Use this command to unpack the *.tgz :   tar -zxvf hpmgmt-7.7.0-vmware2x.tgz   Start the install by typing this command :   ./ –install   Respond to the questions asked, quite always the default answer is the ruight one   Verify funtionality by connecting via your browser to connect to https://servername:2381     Good...

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HP BladeSystem : The Matrix !

Today, HP launches the BladeSystem Matrix, a cloud infrastructure in a box that brings the economics, scalability and response times of the cloud to applications across the data center. With this launch, HP delivers a wire-once adaptive infrastructure that pools network, storage and compute resources to help IT organizations accelerate complex IT projects, simplify daily tasks and continuously lower costs across the data center.  ?  Watch the Video  ?  Witness the Unveiling  ?  Review the White Paper  ?  Sell HP BladeSystem Matrix to your Customers   ?  Listen to the Presentation (pw: avitage)  ?  Read the Press Release Podcast : Introducing HP BladeSystem Matrix Podcast : Introducing BladeSystem Matrix: A Deep Dive Datasheet : HP BladeSystem...

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Virtual Connect Multi-Enclosure Stacking support

Virtual Connect Background HP Virtual Connect technology provides unique capabilities and tangible interconnect value for BladeSystem c-Class customers. It simplifies network infrastructures by reducing physical cabling, saves time and costs associated with systems deployment and operations, provides server workload mobility and helps IT organizations work smarter. In addition to enabling Flex-10 technology, Virtual Connect also provides the infrastructure foundation for other Enterprise-class management offerings from HP, such as HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager and HP Insight Dynamics-VSE.   A beta version of Virtual Connect Firmware 1.3x was distributed under beta agreements to select customers that enabled multi-enclosure stacking and this version allowed either HP 1/10Gb-F Virtual Connect Ethernet Modules or 1/10Gb Virtual Connect Ethernet Modules in any bay.  Scenario Description Beginning with the April 27th launch of Virtual connect Firmware version 2.10, Virtual Connect will support the stacking of multiple enclosures.  Multi-Enclosure stacking will enable all of the Virtual Connect modules within up to four (4) connected enclosures to function as a single Virtual Connect domain.    However, due in part to processor and memory limitations of the 1/10Gb Virtual Connect Ethernet Module and the vast number of configurations possible in a multi-enclosure stack, there are limits to which model modules can function as primary modules within a stacked configuration.  ·         In a stacked configuration, bays 1 and 2 of the base enclosure may not contain HP 1/10Gb Virtual Connect Ethernet...

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D2D LBR Resilience

Q.)  Would like to get some feedback on our D2D LBR – how resilence is it when replicating over VSAT ultra-low bandwidth (32kb-64kb) where packets are liable to drop. Would our D2D LBR solution be able to stop/start/resume replication depending on the condition of the link as required?   A.) To answer your original question, the D2D devices allow you to ?throttle-down? the amount of network bandwidth they use for the replication, but the minimum setting they offer is 512 Kb/sec.  Dropped packets would be handled by the network protocol, not the D2D, but a dropped link can be handled by the D2D (it would restart the replication from a previously ?known good? point and continue on).  There?s a great white paper on this topic available at if you want to understand this further.  Using the D2D replication across an ultra-low bandwidth link will not result in a good customer...

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