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Usefull resources of ESXi

Take the VMware ESXi vJumpstart course online to help you get started. This course is broken up into 2 parts. Virtualization Concepts (1 hour 12 minutes) ESXi Server Build (1 hour 30 minutes) Join the VMware ESXi product community! Read the blogs, join a discussion thread or share documents with your...

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HP Virtual Connect Ethernet Cookbook Updated to include Flex-10 Scenarios

The updated HP Virtual Connect Ethernet Cookbook is now available! The HP Virtual Connect Ethernet Cookbook features new Flex10 scenarios, all designed to help guide you through common uses cases and configurations. Some of the new scenarios include: Flex-10 Windows 2003/2003 Implementation Flex-10 ESX Implementation VC CLI Appendices CISCO and ProCurve commands And much more…. HP is revolutionizing the way IT thinks about networking and server management. When combined with Virtual Connect, the BladeSystem architecture streamlines the typical change processes for provisioning in the datacenter. The purpose of this guide is to help new Virtual Connect users understand the concepts and implementation steps when integrating Virtual Connect into a Cisco or HP ProCurve network. The scenarios in this guide are simplistic while covering a range of typical building blocks to use when designing a Virtual Connect solution. PDF cookbook...

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HP Data Protector Gains Share and Achieves 20% YoY Growth in 2008

Final numbers for calendar year 2008 have been released internally by HP Finance and for the 2nd year in a row, HP Data Protector software achieved over 20% year over year growth in revenue. 2009 has also started off strong with a new product launch for Data Protector 6.1 that achieved unprecedented internal and external validation for the product and high visibility in the marketplace with 257 articles published on Data Protector to date. Analyst reports reflecting the 2008 numbers will be published in the June/July timeframe. Our early analysis indicates that Data Protector was the highest growth product in enterprise data protection. Updated information will be posted when the analyst reports are...

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Ten ways HP ProCurve helps lower costs of networking

HP ProCurve?s networking product and services portfolio can help customers drive down costs, save money, and invest wisely for the future. Here are ten ways HP ProCurve helps customers lower the costs of networking, while allowing them to emerge stronger, leaner and more competitive when the economy rebounds. Full article These videos shows us why HP ProCurve is the network of choice with solutions and resources to help them increase availability, performance, and flexibility. They can be viewed by HP employees and by customers via registration, as part of the ‘HP ProCurve Networking Solutions Advantage’ marketing campaign. ProCurve Networking Solutions Advantage (Video #1) ProCurve Networking Solutions Advantage (Video...

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MSA2000 Technical Cook Book

The MSA2000fc G2 is a new addition to the MSA family of storage arrays specifically designed for entry-level customers, featuring the most recent functionalities and technologies at highly affordable price points. PDF...

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