Bart Heungens is an HPE Certified Instructor with 20 years of relevant experience.

He holds currently following certifications:

HPE ATP – Data Center and Cloud V2

HPE ASE – Data Center and Cloud Architect V3

HPE ATP – Storage Solutions V2

HPE ASE – Storage Solutions Architect V2

HPE Master ASE – Storage Solutions Architect V2

HP ATP – Server Solutions V2

HP ASE – Server Solutions Architect V2

HP Product Certified – HPE OneView 3.0

HP Product Certified – HPE Synergy


Some usefull reference and documentation:

HP Proliant Servers family guide: PDF

HP Guided Troubleshooting: URL


HP SIM – Insight Control

Homepage: URL

Insight Control: URL

Matrix Operating Environment: URL

HP Systems Insight Manager 7.0 and HP Agentless Management overview : PDF

Manage Dell servers with HP SIM : URL

HP Insight Remote Support : URL

HP Insight Remote Support Standard : URL

HP Insight Remote Support Advanced : URL

HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter Server Installation Guide : PDF

Managing HP P2000/MSA2000 arrays with HP Insight Control Storage Module for VMware vCenter : PDF



Homepage : URL

HP OneView Deployment and Management Guide : PDF

Transitioning a Virtual Connect Configuration to HP OneView : PDF

Introduction to HP OneView concepts for HP Virtual Connect customers : PDF

CodePlex library: URL


Blades & Servers

Homepage: URL

8 steps to building a BladeSystem: PDF

Bladesystem Release Sets & updates: URL

HP ProLiant and Integrity Firmware Management Best Practices Implementer Guide : PDF

Direct Connect SAS Storage deployment guide: URL

DDR3 Memory Configuration Tool : URL

HP Intelligent Provisioning : URL

HP Intelligent Provisioning User Guide : URL

HP iLO Management Engine technologies : PDF

HP BladeSystem c-Class architecture : PDF

HP Smart Storage : URL

HP ILO Management Engine : URL


HP ILO scripting – How To : URL

Redundancy in enterprise storage networks using dual-domain SAS configurations : URL


StoreVirtual aka Lefthand

Homepage: URL

Firmware Matrix: URL

Best practices for implementing HP StoreVirtual and VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager : PDF

HP LeftHand Storage with VMware vSphere: Design considerations and best practices: PDF

HP P4000 LeftHand SAN Solutions with VMware vSphere Best Practices : PDF

HP P4000 DSM for MPIO Deployment Guide: URL

HP P4000 Series 1 GbE to 10 GbE Migration Guide: URL

HP P4000 SAN Networking recommendations: URL

HP P4000 Application-Aware Snapshot Manager Deployment Guide: URL

SQL IO how to: URL

HP P4000 Guided Troubleshooting : URL


StoreServ aka 3PAR

Homepage: URL

Manuals: URL

User Guides: URL

Setup & Install: URL

HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage Concepts Guide OS 3.1.2 : PDF

HP 3PAR Thin Technologies : PDF

3PAR StoreServ for the EVA administrator : PDF

3PAR plugin video in VMware: URL

3PAR Get Thin Guarantee program : URL

3PAR Guided Troubleshooting : URL

HP 3PAR Service Processor Software User’s Guide : PDF

3PAR Storage and VMware vSphere5 best practices : PDF

HP 3PAR Software Products Quickspecs: PDF

HP Software Depot : URL

HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Storage – Removing and Replacing the Disk Drive : URL

CA HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 remote support contact information may be needed : URL

Thick versus Thin provisioning : URL

Service Processor explained : URL



HP StoreOnce VSA Deployment and Configuration Guide : PDF


Virtual Connect

Homepage: URL

Virtual Connect FlexFabric Cookbook: PDF

Virtual Connect for the Cisco Network Administrator: PDF

Cisco versus VC terminology: picture

Virtual Connect trafic flow: PDF

Virtual Connect support pages (firmware and more): URL

VCEM User Guide : PDF


HP CloudSystem

HP VirtualSystem VS2 for Microsoft : PDF

Programming HP Cloudsystem Matrix for dummies : PDF

HP Cloudsystem Matrix manuals : URL



HP Networking and Cisco CLI reference guide: PDF

Bonding versus MPIO explained : URL

WiFi basics : URL



HP VMware software depot: URL

vSphere 5.5 UNMAP deep dive : URL





Big Data

HP Solutions for Hadoop : URL

HP Big Data Solutions : URL

Big Data Blog : URL


HAVEn announcement news : URL

Autonomy – Idol : URL

Vertica : URL

Enterprise Security : URL

Design for Hadoop Environments : URL


Some SSD terms

  • SSD – Solid State Drive
  • SLC – Single Level Cell, the earliest NANDs used, higher write endurance than MLC, but more expensive
  • MLC – Multi Level Cell, have taken over the SSD industry, can be configured for high to low endurance using various techniques, are less expensive than SLC
  • eMLC SSD – Enterprise MLC SSD, a generally accepted term, not officially defined, but meant to indicate high write endurance
  • cMLC SSD – Commercial (or Consumer) MLC SSD, a generally accepted term, not officially defined, but meant to indicate low write endurance
  • High Endurance (HE) – Typically used to indicate SSDs in the 25 DWPD write endurance level
  • Mainstream Endurance (ME) – Typically used to indicate SSDs in the 10 DWPD write endurance level
  • Light Endurance (LE) – Typically used to indicate SSDs in the 3 DWPD write endurance level
  • Value Endurance (VE) – Typically used to indicate SSDs below 1 DWPD write endurance level
  • Read Intensive (RI) SSD – Meant to indicate low write endurance suitable for Read Intensive usage
  • V-NAND – Vertical NAND, a newer memory technology emerging, which should improve performance and write endurance



SIM – System Insight Manager

ICE – Insight Control Environment

MOE – Matrix Operating Environment

VCA – Version Control Agent

VCR – Version Control Repository

PSP – Proliant Support Pack

VC – Virtual Connect

PSA – VMware’s Pluggable Storage Architecture, which is an open modular framework

NMP – Native Multipathing Plugin, the VMkernel multipathing plug-in that ESX/ESXi provides by default

SATP – Storage Array Type Plug-in, a module run in conjunction with the VMware NMP and are responsible for array specific operations

PSP – Path Selection Plug-in, run with the VMware NMP and are responsible for choosing a physical path for I/O requests

MPP – Multipathing plug-inm plug-ins that can be developed by third-party vendors to replace VMware’s NMP

ALUA – Assymetric Logical Unit Access, a SCSI standard that allows a LUN to be accessed across both storage processors at the same time

A/A – Active/Active path, a policy that states two paths are both actively sending I/O

A/P – Active/Passive path, a policy that states one path is actively sending I/O and the other is passively standing by to be activated in the event of a failure

RR – Round Robin, a policy that states I/O transmittal is rotated back and forth between two paths for load balancing

MRU – Most Recently Used, a policy that states I/O always uses the most recently used path

FP – Fixed Path, a policy that states I/O always uses a fixed path

iLO            – integrated Lights Off Management (Remote Management)

RBSU           – ROM Based Setup Utility  (Bios)

ORCA           – Option ROM Configuration for Arrays (Raid Controller) [ System Bootup ]

SSTK           – HP SmartStart Scripting Toolkit (Automate Firmware Update)

ACU            – Array Configureation Utility (Raid Controller) [ Smart Start ]

PSPs           – Proliant Support Packs (OS specific bundeles)

HP SUM         – HP Smart Update Manager (Script Updates)

HP SMH         – HP Systems Management Homepage (monitor one system) https://localhost:2381/

HP SIM         – HP Systems Insight Manager (monitor many systems)

HP Insight RSS – HP Insight Remote Support Standard (small to mid-size)

HP Insight RSA – HP Insight Remote Support Advanced

BTO            – Build to Order

CTO            – Config to Order

Proliant SL    – Extreme scale-out, high performance computing, solutions for power and space constrained data centers

Proliant ML    – Tower with option for rackmounting Proliant DL    – Rackmount optimized

Proliant BL    – Blades

HP VCRM        – HP Version Control Repository Manage (update software automatically / manually)

IRC            – Integrated Remote Console Option


ASR            – Automatic Server Recovery (Hardware Watchdog)

SAAP           – HP Smart Array Advanced Pack (firmware with additional features)

FBWC           – Flash Backed Write Cache

BBWC           – Battery Backed Write Cache

SFF            – Small Form Factor (hard disk 2.5″)

LFF            – Large Form Factor (hard disk 3.5″)

VCM            – Virtual Connect Manager [ successor of HBAnywhere ]

VCEM           – Virtual Connact Enterprise Manager

LOM            – Lan On Motherboard

RAS            – Reliability, Availability and Serviceability

EBIPA          – Enclosure Bay IP Adressing

FRU            – Field Replaceable Unit

PFC            – Priority-based Flow Control

ETS            – Enhanced Transmission Selection

DCBX           – Data Center Bridging Exchange [ enhances LLDP ]

TRILL          – Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links [ Multipathing for FCOE ]

HP CSA         – HP Cloud Service Automation

OO             – Operations Orchestration

IO (HPIO)      – Insight Orchestration

CMS            – Central Management Server

RDP            – HP Insight Rapid Deployment software [ Now: HP Insight Control server deployment ] MSSW           – Managed System Set-up Wizard [ Part of HP SIM ]

SPM            – Storage Provisioning Manager

SPE            – Standard Storage Pool Entry [ Manually provisioned storage ]

FDT            – Firmware Deployment Tool [ Part of Smartstart DVD ]

ABM            – Array Based Management [ Comand View EVA embedded in management processor https://:2373/ admin / blank ]

MOE            – Matrix Operating Environment

SMI-S          – Storage Management Initiative – Specification

VSE            – Virtual Server Environment

VCDG           – Virtual Connect Domain Group

LSM            – Logical Server Manager

ESA            – Extensible Server and Storage Adapter

SPLOR          – Service Processor Log Out Request