HP released a major announcement on the Proliant management platform. This big change will make life of the people deploying, managing and updating Proliant environments much easier…

Read here all the details, and get the practical stuff at the release, currently foreseen end July… Also prepare to say bye to the PSP and Firmware DVD’s ! 😉

HP Service Pack for ProLiant

HP Service Pack for ProLiant is an enhanced, re-packaging of HP ProLiant systems software and firmware, but is still based on the rich legacy of Windows and Linux ProLiant Support Packs (PSPs) and HP Smart Update Firmware DVD that are found in the Insight Foundation suite for ProLiant kit that ships with every ProLiant server. It is a comprehensive systems software and firmware release set offered as a tested solution on all ProLiant servers supported by Insight Foundation version 8.70. It evolves beyond separate installation of HP Windows/Linux PSPs and the HP Smart Update Firmware DVD by providing a single image that combines all of these products. It offers combined firmware and systems software packaging and improved processes for drivers, utilities, agents, non-agents, and other utilities that are required to keep pace in today’s rapidly expanding technology infrastructure.

Base releases for HP Service Pack for ProLiant are planned approximately 3 times a year, but there may be interim update releases that will capture hot fixes released between base releases. HP Service Pack for ProLiant is supported on all HP ProLiant SL/ML/DL 100, 300, 500, 700, and 900 servers and HP BladeSystems series servers that are supported with Insight Foundation version 8.70 and will supersede and replace the Insight Foundation suite for ProLiant kit. It is downloadable from: www.hp.com/go/server/service_packs/updates as a web only release and is not available on media. It combines multiple product contents into a single image to provide:

  • Radical simplification with a single step update
  • Right-sized packaging (40% smaller)
  • Consolidation – single solution for all supported ProLiant servers
  • Regular defined release cycle

With the introduction of HP Service Pack for ProLiant, HP is increasing its support life cycle by providing support for the current release and 2 previous releases or one year; whichever is longer, for customers requiring extended service durations. Because HP will be offering 3 base releases per year as well as interim updates to capture hot fixes, customers requiring optimal performance, resiliency, and features have the ability to update when and as needed. A release is a base release and its associated interim releases.

By simplifying the delivery of ProLiant Systems Software and firmware into a single PXE bootable ISO deliverable with updates available, customers will reduce the following expenditures which will result in better TCO:

  • Qualification cycles
  • Resource usage
  • Maintenance windows
  • Downtime

More information can be found at this link for HP Service Pack for ProLiant: www.hp.com/go/server/service_packs

The first release of HP Service Pack for ProLiant is Version 2011.07.0. It contains a comprehensive collection of firmware and system software components, all tested together as a single solution stack that include drivers, agents, non-agents, utilities, firmware packages for servers, controllers, storage, blades and enclosures, and all components and options supported by HP ProLiant Support Packs for Windows and Linux version 8.70. It supports all ProLiant servers, not just BladeSystems for ProLiant.

With HP Service Pack for ProLiant, all firmware and systems software are tested together for an extended test period. This results in a much tighter, integrated release testing of firmware, operating systems, agents, non-agents, drivers, tools and management; all supported with interrelated version information, thus allowing both HP customers to understand inter-dependencies between firmware components and their associated drivers.

This product will replace the Insight Foundation suite for ProLiant kit.

For a complete list of hardware and software support, see the Server Support Guide found off of this link: www.hp.com/go/server/service_packs
NOTE: The HP USB Key Utility is a Windows® application that enables you to copy the contents of the HP Service Pack for ProLiant to a USB key. You can then run this application from a USB key instead of from media to simplify server deployment. Users may then boot and run the media applications from a USB flash drive rather than from the CD or DVD. Especially beneficial in headless-server operations. This USB Key Utility is downloadable from the web with HP Service Pack for ProLiant.

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