Q.)  Do you have any documentation describing the P4000 connectivity architecture?  I’m particularly interesting in understanding how we build and manage our inter storage node connectivity and communications and I want to be able to white board this with my customers.

A.)  There are basically 3 types of communications in the P4000; 

  • iSCSI (host to storage)
  • SANiQ (inter/intra cluster)
  • Management (Centralized Management Console Client to storage, and iLO)

(and there maybe some other less significant communications).

Each P4000 storage node has 2x GigE interfaces by default (upgradable to 10G) that are bonded together to form one logical interface per storage node.  This logical interface will have 1 IP address (so 1 IP address per storage node).

All communications happen over this one logical network, excluding iLO which happens on a 3rd GigE interface for iLO only.

So the P4000’s will need network connectivity to each other, the hosts doing iSCSI, the client running the CMC, consider SNMP and SMTP for alerting.

 Please reference the “Building high-performance, highly available IP storage networks with HP SAN/iQ® Software ” White paper for further and more detailed information.


And off course you can contact me also regarding all this!