Effective May 14th, 2012, HP 3PAR P10000 V800 Storage and HP 3PAR P10000 V400 Storage systems now support the following solid state drive (SSD) configurations:

  • All SSDs—no Fibre Channel or SATA drives are required
  • Up to 128 SSDs per node pair (e.g. the HP 3PAR P10000 V800 can support up to 512 SSDs when configured with 4 controller node pairs)

So what, you ask? Support for 128 SSDs per controller pair allows more active data to be placed on this highest-performing tier of storage, autononmically and non-disruptively. When SSD capacity is used with HP 3PAR Adaptive Optimization Software, this means that the right data is available on the right storage tier at the right time.