Q.)  A partner student was inquiring if there are any external documents relating to how much power a customer can save on using dynamic power capping (both on blades and rack servers) in any environment? 

A.)  It is important to remember that Dynamic Power Capping does not save power.  It?s value proposition is to reclaim strapped capacity and extend the life of the datacenter (a increase your density/fit more story).  HP did a great deal of research and have lots of documentation on how many more DLs/BLs you can fit using DPC and EDPC.   

You may want to point your partner student check out some of the documentation/demos at: http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/servers/management/dynamic-power-capping/index.html under the ?More Information? tab.

A great white paper on DPC:

HP Power Capping and HP Dynamic Power Capping for ProLiant servers

Dynamic Power Capping TCO and Best Practices White Paper