HP released a new version of its remote support software Insight Remote Support v7.0.8… This version will replace the previous version v7.0.5.

The new release is focused on new functionality and usability improvements as well as new prouct and OS support, such as:

  • New product and operating systems support
  • Improved installer that checks for all the critical pre-requisites
  • Multiple device deletion, disablement and warranty & contract refresh
  • Integration with systems like HP Operations Manager & HP Service Manager
  • Monitoring up to 2,500 devices
  • Support for the secure SNMP v3 protocol
  • Hosting Device Health indicator that checks for critical operating parameters and services
  • Comprehensive views of critical application parameters and all scheduled tasks
  • Automatic snapshotting improves back-up
  • Improved error handling & context sensitive online help
  • Email address field extended to 60 characters
  • Local language UI based on default browser language

New customers will be able to download the software from HP Software Depot <http://customer.hp.com/r?2.1.3KT.2ZV.14sQAK.JTlgEi..N.cy3Y.806g.bW89MQ%5f%5fDBQcFPd0>.

Existing HP Insight Remote Support V 7.0.5 customers will immediately see this new version as this software update will be automatically available to them through the embedded software manager visible on the Administrator Settings Version Control page. It will either be automatically installed or downloaded according to how they have this service configured. Alternatively, an easy way to update all software packages directly to Insight RS 7.0.8 would be to install the latest 7.0.8 software version from HP Software Depot as it will not require any manual steps. This will preserve the customer’s configuration details.

More information is available via the following links: