HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter server, which is available as a single download, seamlessly integrates the manageability features of HP ProLiant, HP BladeSystem, HP Virtual Connect and HP Storage into the VMware vCenter console. By integrating HP Converged Infrastructure management features directly into VMware vCenter, administrators gain insight and control of their HP infrastructure supporting their virtualized infrastructure  —reducing the time it takes to make important change decisions, manage planned and unplanned downtime and do lifecycle management.

What’s new in HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter Server 7.3?

• HP OneView support: HP OneView and HP Insight Control licensed hosts are managed under one single VMware  plug-in: HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter Server 7.3. All previous features are now available for HP OneView managed hosts.
• Grow a cluster consistently and reliably with HP OneView profiles/HP OneView reference host in 5 easy steps. When engaged, the process fully automates the application of an HP OneView profile on selected servers, server provisioning is then used to deploy the selected ESXi build and the VMware host networking configuration is applied at the end to match the server Virtual Connect profile configuration.
• Coordinated and schedulable firmware deployment.  Now uses HP OneView or HP SUM to deploy a firmware baseline.  The process can be scheduled and host VM’s are evacuated and returned to the normal state using VMware maintenance mode to maximize availability
• Cluster level host networking configuration.  Host networking configuration (introduced in 7.2) mitigates networking configuration differences between the host and Virtual Connect profiles, this feature is now expanded so that simple click yields the same effect at a VMware cluster level
• New HP Enclosure view delivers greater simplification in understanding the relationship between the physical and virtual
• Simplified initial configuration of the plug-in credentials aiming at reducing initial configuration errors
• Enhanced Storage Management
• Full HP 3PAR Recovery Manager for VMware Integration
• HP 3PAR StoreServ Peer Persistence management
• Enhanced provisioning wizard for volumes
• Simplified Configuration Management
• Visualization of  peer persistence configuration
• Graphical relationship representation between VMs and volumes

Go here for more info:
• HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter server web page and download information
• HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter server documentation (includes latest docs for this release)

I will post a detailed installation of this new vCenter integration soon on my site! Downloading already…