Q.)  In a short summary, what can be monitored directly via the embedded Command View port of the EVA4400 vs. HP StorageWorks Command View EVA Software Suite connected to the EVA4400 (QuickSpec attached) running on a server and connected to the EVA4400 via Fiber Channel?  

A.)  CV EVA running on the ABM is almost on par with CV EVA running on a server these days.

Here are the current limitations in CV EVA 9.3:

  • CV/ABM manages only one array
  • CV/ABM cannot manage Continuous Access relationships. You only see one side of the DR Group.
  • CV/ABM cannot update HDD firmware
  • CV/ABM does not support IRSA
  • CV/ABM does not support CLX-EVA
  • CV/ABM does not support EVAperf
  • CV/ABM has no SMI-S provider… therefore missing dependency for SIM and Storage Essentials discovery and monitoring

the SMI-S provider and CIMOM do not run on the ABM and neither does the EVAPerf data collection service. However, both SMI-S and EVAPerf support EVAs that are managed by CV/ABM. You just need to install them on a Windows server from the CV EVA installer. In the case of the SMI-S provider there’s an additional step to give the IP address and credentials of CV/ABM to the provider but it’s all documented in the CV EVA Install Guide (see section 5).

CV EVA 9.4 and XCS 10.x will support upgrading HDD firmware from the ABM. So then you’re down to just two limitations.

CV EVA 10.0 is going to provide a way to aggregate multiple CV/ABM instances into a single browser window so that will help with the first limitation above.