Q.)  Do you have any documentation available in configuring/connecting a HP StorageWorks P9500 Disk Array to a VMware host?  According to a colleague, based on SPOCK and VMware recommendations, everything is configured correctly. The WWN of the Host can be seen on the P9500 but on the server side we can’t see the controller.

A.)  check the HP StorageWorks P9000 Configuration Guide P9500 Disk Array 

7 VMware

Installation roadmap

Perform these actions to install and configure the disk array:

1. “Installing and configuring the disk array” (page 61)

  • “Defining the paths” (page 61)
  • “Setting the host mode and host group mode for the disk array ports” (page 62)
  • “Setting the system option modes” (page 62)
  • “Configuring the Fibre Channel ports” (page 62)

2. “Installing and configuring the host” (page 62)

  • “Loading the operating system and software” (page 62)
  • “Installing and configuring the FCAs ” (page 62)
  • “Clustering and fabric zoning” (page 63)
  • “Fabric zoning and LUN security for multiple operating systems” (page 63)

3. “Connecting the disk array” (page 63)

4. “Setting up virtual machines (VMs) and guest operating systems” (page 64)

  • “Setting the SCSI disk timeout value for Windows VMs” (page 64)
  • “Sharing LUNs” (page 64)
  • “Selecting the SCSI emulation driver” (page 64)