HPE announced earlier this year its 5th generation MSA storage with the 2050 and 2052 flash-enabled systems, now it completes the stack with the entry level 1050 model.
The HPE MSA 1050 Storage brings affordable flash storage down to ever lower customer segments. The MSA 1050 is designed to meet entry-level storage requirements and budgetary constraints. With the lowest storage array price points in the HPE Storage portfolio and field-proven ProLiant compatibility, the MSA 1050 is the platform of choice for smaller SAS, iSCSI and FC deployments.

The HPE MSA 1050 features 8Gb Fibre Channel, 12 Gb SAS, and 1GbE and 10GbE iSCSI as connectivity options. Starting at under $5,500* USD, the MSA 1050 provides affordable application acceleration. It’s seriously simple and affordable flash-ready storage to help you get the most performance for the lowest cost.

The MSA 1050 will support a maximum of 3 disk enclosures (either LFF and/or SFF). Add-on enclosures can either be HPE MSA 2050 LFF Disk Enclosure or HPE MSA 2050 SFF Disk Enclosure. The MSA 2050 LFF or SFF Disk Enclosures will be supported on the MSA 1050 storage system. The MSA 1050 can grow incrementally to a maximum of 48 LFF, 96 SFF drives, or a combination of SFF and LFF enclosures up to the maximum of 4 total enclosures.

Biggest difference between the 1050 and 205x models will be 2 versus 4 host ports per controller, and 8Gb FC only on 1050 where the 205x series supports 16Gb FC connectivity. The 205x controllers also have more cache (6GB vs 8GB) per controller.

The HPE MSA Advanced Data Services Suite can be purchased as an option on the MSA 1050 Storage systems. The optional Advanced Data Services Suite includes the following functionality:
– Performance Tiering between the SSD tier and the Standard or Archive Tier
– 512 Snapshots
– Remote Snaps

Minor detail: it features the same look and feel for the right fit with the new Gen10 servers. 😉


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