Installing HP Agents on ESX

I had that much questions regarding installing the HP Insight Agents on ESX servers, here is the one and only precedure:

Download the latest HP Agents for ESX from


Save the *.tgz file somewhere and transfer it to the ESX server using a utility like WinSCP.


After copying, log in to the console of the ESX server.


Go to the directory where you saved the *.tgz file.


Use this command to unpack the *.tgz :


tar -zxvf hpmgmt-7.7.0-vmware2x.tgz


Start the install by typing this command :


./ –install


Respond to the questions asked, quite always the default answer is the ruight one


Verify funtionality by connecting via your browser to connect to https://servername:2381



Good luck!

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