Q.)  I have a partner who is looking for a whitepaper explaining the necessary steps for ?how to perform a initial copy to setup a remote-snap between a remote-site and primary site over WAN with low bandwith?.  Do we have some alternatives to ?move target Lefthand-Cluster from site to site?? Did someone setup an unsupported configuration like using VSAs with external storage (like usb-drives)? Am I able to move Logical Drives with active remote snaps from one cluster to another?

A.)  I suggest when you are creating the remote copy to have the DR equipment situated in the same datacenter and then move it when you have copied all the data.  We do have an alternative called primesync, which allows migration of the volumes between management groups. I have included another document explaining this, everytime a copy is done you need to break the relationship between management groups. 

You will be able to locate these documents, titled the following: