Now that HP OneView becomes a mature and complete product since version 1.20, it is becoming the core of the HP Converged Infrastructure management platform.
On my blog you will find plenty of articles on the installation and configuration of OneView…

Since some time there is also a training module available on OneView at HP Education. And now there is also an OneView-specific certification launched.

It is the first in a series of product certified tracks. That’s why HP called it “HP Product Certified – HP OneView 1.20”.

Like for all HP ExpertOne certifications, all the details can be found on under the Server section.

By going to the details pane you will find all the prerequisites, recommended training and required exam to complete.

The exam is called HP3-F18 which means that it is a web-based exam through the PearsonVue website, no need to go to an exam center for this one.

All details on the exam can be found in the EPG Exam Prep Guide. 35 questions in 60 minutes… Fair but tough exam, they expect that you know the details!

I am one of the first worldwide certified instructors on OneView, teaching this class quite often these days worldwide… Maybe we meet one day? Good luck with the exam and join the ExpertOne club!


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