HP released this new Reference Architectire white paper for an optimal Data Protection on a Microsoft Exchange environment.

The Reference Architecture outlined in this technical white paper provides guidance for the budgeting, planning, and deployment of a Microsoft Exchange and HP data protection solution that supports up to 60,000 mailbox users. Each mailbox offers a 2 GB mailbox capacity and supports a workload profile up to 100 messages sent and received for each user, each day, with additional overhead included.


Microsoft® Exchange Server (Exchange) is a keystone for business communication and collaboration. It is also the principal repository for business critical information in most organizations, driving the need for protection of Exchange databases. The growing volume of emails makes it difficult for organizations to rapidly backup Exchange data.
Restoring data is time consuming and often results in extended downtime and loss of productivity. Predictable backup and recovery SLAs are critical for enhanced productivity and complete Exchange environment data protection. Disk-based backups with deduplication address the challenge of backing up large amounts of data within a shrinking backup window, while minimizing storage footprint. Tape-based backups provide the most cost- and energy-efficient platform for secure, reliable, and durable long-term retention and protection of Exchange backups.

Combining tape and disk technologies with efficient backup software, such as HP Data Protector, provides simplified data protection through a unified and automated backup and recovery solution.
The reference architecture (RA) combines the native data protection features of Exchange with the High Availability (HA) features of HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage and high performance backup capability of the HP StoreOnce Backup System. The RA also includes the HP StoreEver Tape Library, providing a cost-effective long-term storage medium for disaster recovery and regulatory compliance.

For all details, download the white paper here.