HPE introduced recently a new data gathering tool, in cooperation with Lanamark, to help with sizing their hyperconverged Simplivity solutions.

With this information you can go to the new online Simplivity Sizing Tool which will recommend you one or more preferred solutions.

The process is simple:

  • Create an engagement on the Lanamark portal.
  • Download the data gathering tool and install it on a Windows host at the customer site, and connect it to the environment to be analysed.
  • Check the Lanamark portal to review the assessment data.
  • Feed the data from the Lanamark collection into the online Simplivity Sizer
  • Use the recommended configurations to make a quote.


Data Gathering with Lanamark

The first step is going to the website of Lanamark dedicated for HPE https://hpe.lanamark.one/ . You need to authenticate as an HPE Partner by providing your HPE Passport credentials.

Once on the portal you create a new engagement by providing customer details and your contact information.

Follow the unique link in the email send to you to download the data collector software from Lanamark.

Lanamark provides 2 collectors:

  • Snap is the data collection tool used when the environment is VMware based.
  • Explorer allows data capture across physical and virtual machines, and other vendor solutions.

In this article I will highlight the VMware based data collection on my home-lab environment.

I installed the Snap software on a VM running inside my environment and connected it to my vCenter server.

Requirement is that the Snap software has internet connectivity (eventually by means of a proxy) to upload all data to the Lanamark portal.

HPE suggests having the collector running at least for 1 week to have a consistent view on the workload on a longer period.

After a short while you will see all data being presented in the Lanamark portal near real-time.

First you get a breakdown of your virtual environment like number of VM’s, a breakdown of running OS’es and details about CPU and memory usage.

Next is the storage breakdown with all information you should have for sizing a storage environment. I feel very Lucky with the low latencies in my homelab due to my 3PAR storage directly attached to my server enclosure. 😉

Finally there is a hardware summary per server type and age…


At the end of the collection period you will have the possibility to export all data to a file to be used in the next step being the actual sizing.


Sizing Utility

Next step will be the actual sizing tool where you will enter all the information collected with the Lanamark tool.

Link to the sizing tool is mentioned below, including a link to an online training on how using the tool.

Find here all links to the tools and also training for the Lanamark tool and the sizing tool (HPE Partners only).


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