Q.)  I know that when not defining an uplink port, either directly or via a SUS, that traffic will stay within the VC domain. What about for traffic between two networks that are isolated from each other via VLANs? It needs to go back to the uplink port correct? Or can VC remove the tag and pass the traffic locally as well, say in Mapped Mode?

A.)  Virtual connect will not bridge or route traffic between two networks.  Any traffic on “network a” destined for “network b” would have to go through an uplink and through some external device (bridge, switch, or router as needed) then go back to the Virtual Connect domain through the appropriate uplinks.  Note that this is true even if two networks have the same VLAN ID – for example, if you’ve created “network a” which transmits VLAN 200 through one shared uplink set and “network b” which transmits VLAN 200 through a second shared uplink set.

 Please reference the attached presentation for a visual illustration.