HP provides technologies and tools for efficiently managing Virtual Connect (VC) environments of all sizes. HP Virtual Connect Manager (VCM) is a software component embedded within Virtual Connect Ethernet modules. It is the core application for configuring and managing single and multi-enclosure Virtual Connect (VC) domain environments. Access to VCM occurs over the same Ethernet connection used to access the Onboard Administrator in BladeSystem c-Class enclosures and server blade iLO connections.

HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager (VCEM) is a software application that manages up to 250 VC domains. VCEM allows you to create domain groups that use a master configuration profile for multiple VC domains connected to the same networks. VCEM is part of the HP Insight Software suite of applications that also includes Systems Insight Manager, Matrix Operating Environment, and Insight Control. Information about VCEM is available in the “HP Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager 6.3 User Guide” found at

In this paper, we on VCM and underlying HP technologies that allow you to manage servers and network connection configuration as well as their deployment, monitoring, maintenance, troubleshooting, and security. We also touch on non-VC management tools that integrate with VC to provide broader management options.