This document is for the person who installs, administers, and troubleshoots servers, Virtual Connect and storage systems. HP assumes you are qualified in the servicing of computer equipment and trained in recognizing hazards in products with hazardous energy levels.

This document specifies the versions of firmware, and software that are recommended as updates to Release Set 2010.10 for HP BladeSystem environments with HP Virtual Connect FlexFabric 10Gb/24-port Modules and HP FlexFabric Adapters (NC551i, NC551m, NC553i, NC553m) configured with Fibre Channel over Ethernet or accelerated iSCSI connections. The firmware versions and software versions listed in this document have been tested as a solution set using Release Set 2010.10 as a baseline, and are fully supported by HP. When posted, the Release Set following 2010.10 will contain all of these updates.

It is recommended that users revisit the download site for this document to check for updates periodically.

What’s New – This document is updated as new components and resources become available. The following summarizes changes from the previous versions:

March 23, 2011 Edition           

  • Added support for iSCSI support in VMware ESX/ESXi 4.1
  • Updated recipe for VC firmware v3.17 with related updates for HP Smart Update Firmware DVD, HP Onboard Administrator, ProLiant System ROM, iLO 2, and iLO3