This paper discusses the benefits of deploying VMware vSphere with HP 3PAR Utility Storage including: greater virtual machine (VM) density, simplifying administration, and realizing significant cost savings in virtualized server environments. The paper also includes best practices for an integrated VMware vSphere and HP 3PAR Utility Storage solution.

Server virtualization from VMware provides a powerful environment for consolidating a large number of servers, thereby delivering cost savings and enhanced
flexibility to the data center. HP 3PAR Utility Storage provides an ideal complement to VMware vSphere deployments by providing a highly virtualized
storage platform designed to meet the specific needs of virtual server environments.

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Additionally, in case this not well-known, I’m circulating some information about a new capability in vSphere 5.0 that relates to 3PAR positioning of ‘doubling VM density’.   Since we often explain that this benefit stems from 3PAR being able to handle VMware page thrashing/swapping.
(SSD Swap Cache pg. 5)