HP released some time ago a second Master ASE certification on top of the existing Master ASE Storage Solution from 2011.

This new Master ASE Storage Solution Architect V1 certificate will test your skills to verify if you are really a Master in the HP Storage portfolio, and are able to design valid solutions for the multiple-site, enterprise storage environments.

If you are new in the HP certification world and want to become certified, you will need to pass 4 exams.
It ‘looks’ easier if you hold already the other Master ASE Storage Solutions 2011 certificate. Than you only need to pass 1 exam HP0-J67.

Since I am a teacher of the class that supports this certification, I want to set clear some expectations. Because I meet a lot of people who underestimate this exam HP0-J67.

The class supporting this exam (Architecting Multi-site HP Storage Solutions 00759555) is just a 2day class, making a lot of people think that this one should be easy if you are already ASE Storage Solutions Architect V1 (which is a prerequisite for the Master ASE certification).

Well it is not! Don’t expect that we (the instructors) can explain everything in just 2 days, including labs…
HP expects that you have multi-year experience with all the relevant HP storage products. And proof that you are a real Master!

Therefore some additional information here to help getting started and get certified.

For any HP certification, the website to start is www.certificationexplorer.com

Navigate to Storage and select the Master ASE Storage Solutions Architect V1 certification.


A good tool to start for preparing an HP exam is downloading the Exam Prep Guide (EPG) which can be found on the website mentioned just above.
In the EPG you can find details on what you will be tested on, amount of questions, required scrore and often also some example test questions.

The EPG of this new Master ASE can be downloaded here: http://www.certificationexplorer.com/Documents/HP0-J67.pdf

The best tool for preparing this specific exam (and it is handy for all other HP storage exams as well) is the Workspace Library that HP created and published for the students.
It is a PDF file containing all the most important documents files on HP Storage…
Off course you can find the latest SAN Design Reference Guide, all the Best Practices documents for StoreVirtual, StoreOnce and StoreServ, and many other interesting documents to become a storage Master.

You can find this great resource here: https://workspaces.acrobat.com/app.html#d=j*zPIX7K76oCQEdaIlE0XQ


So when you have crawled through all these documents (around 50 in there) and +5000 pages, you should have the foundation to become a Master ASE! Good luck!


About HP certification

HP has 4 main levels on certification:

–          ATA Associate level

–          ATP Professional level

–          ASE Expert level

–          Master ASE Master level

Behind those levels, multiple paths are available depending on your job role:

–          Architect

–          Integrator

–          Implementer

–          Administration

–          Support

All information on HP certification can be found here: www.hp.com/go/certification