Some of U will now the good old Smartstart Scripting Toolkit utility CONREP to replicate BIOS settings across Proliant servers…

On Gen8 and later servers however, you should know that this tool is replaced by HPRCU HP ROM Configuration Utility. It offers however the same kind of features as CONREP…

For more info take a look at the Scripting User Guide, from page 33 on…

HPRCU command-line syntax

hprcu -s | -l [-f file.xml ] [ -h ]

HPRCU command line arguments

-s This argument saves the system configuration to a file.

-l This argument loads the system configuration from a file and writes it to the target server.

-f{file.xml} Name of the input or output file. If not specified, the XML configuration defaults to hprcu.xml.

-h This argument displays program usage.


Happy scripting!