HP SWD produced an EVA demo showing Command View installation, operation of Command View, and operation of Replications Solutions Manager with Business Copy and Continuous Access. The demo covers all the essential topics that most customers will be interested in seeing. HP encourages using this demo video in lieu live demos that may be complex to setup and schedule.

The EVA demo was previously posted on a HP & HP Partner only ftp site. It is now available on a public ftp site allowing you to send this email and the link to your customer for viewing the demo.

The demo was created using screen capture software with recorded compressed audio. The file size of the demo media files is quite small in comparison to traditional media used with Windows Media Player or Real Player. The demo has a play time of approximately 25 minutes and is only 8.5 MB in size when zipped. Like the EVA, this demo is powerfully simple. You will find it is a lot simpler than trying do a live demo.

Downloading the EVA Demo



Download to local hard drive, unzip the EVA-Demo-Extracted.zip archive allowing it to create its own folder with its contents inside the folder. This is the default behavior of WinZip when you right click and Extract to folder: path\EVA-Demo-Extracted

Navigate into the unzipped folder path\EVA-Demo-Extracted\EVA-Demo-Extracted

Click on index.htm

The EVA Demo will run in a new browser window. Note that the demo may require a browser plug-in to run. Allow the plug-in to install and then continue. The EVA Demo will start automatically. You can start, pause and stop. You can also jump to a specific part of the demo:

Command View installation

Command View

Business Copy

Continuous Access