With the release of Veeam 9.0 the integration with the HPE StoreOnce platform is extended with the Veeam 9.0 Catalyst support.

However, if you want to use this new functionality you will need to upgrade the StoreOnce OS firmware to the latest version. Specifically for Catalyst support this is at least 3.13.1 or above.

Below I will describe the process of how you can do this. Be aware that this procedure is the same for the physical and the virtual (VSA based) StoreOnce devices.

First verify the current version of the running StoreOnce firmware. This can be done in the regular web-based GUI:


In this example I am running version 3.9.0 on my StoreOnce 2620. Not good enough for Catalyst, so let’s do the upgrade.

First you have to download the latest version from the HPE Support website www.hpe.com/support


You will get an RPM file that you need to upload to the StoreOnce appliance, more specifically in the Repository folder.
I used WinSCP, but there are multiple tools available to upload files like this.


Now we connect with Putty to the StoreOnce target.
First we validate that the RPM file is well picked up by StoreOnce in its repository by running the command “system show repository”


If you see the uploaded RPM file you can continue staging this package in the system by executing “system load package xxxxx” where xxxxx is the name of the RPM file


You can validate that the package is staged in the system by running “system show packages”. You see the installed package and the (newer) staged package.


Finally we can run the real update process by executing “system update packages”.


Depending of the previously installed version and the type of the system this update can take more than 1 hour, in my case it was finished in around 30 minutes.

When the StoreOnce appliance is rebooted, you can validate the successful installation in the StoreOnce GUI.


You have now successfully upgraded your StoreOnce device.


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