HP just announced version 6.1 of their Insight Control software!

This is what U can expect:

  • Support for new HP ProLiant G7 servers
  • Support for the latest operating systems and hypervisors
  • HP Insight Control 6.1:
    • Intelligent power discovery: with Insight Control power management and the new HP Intelligent Power Distribution Units customers will be able to automatically map their power and cooling topology – showing linkages between servers and power and cooling equipment. This combination also enables monitoring of power usage by legacy servers, non-server devices and non-HP equipment (ex: IBM and Dell servers, storage arrays).
    • Insight Control power management integration with facility management software from Nlyte
    • Server deployment support for new HP ProLiant DL and SL 100 series servers
  • HP Insight Dynamics 6.1:
    • Support for iSCSI storage (HP LeftHand P4000 SANs series and NetApp iSCSI solutions) for use with a VM datastore for VMware and Hyper-V hosts
    • Cross-technology logical servers technology preview for logical server movement between servers with Virtual Connect and VMware ESX virtual machines, and between servers with Virtual Connect with unlike configurations. Cross-technology logical servers also can be used for disaster recovery across sites
    • Integration with the latest version of HP Server Automation software (7.83) – including support for OS and application provisioning
    • Support for tagged VM host datastore selection during the provisioning process in HP Insight Orchestration
  • HP Virtual Connect 6.1:
    • Support for the latest BladeSystem c-Class ProLiant G7 servers
    • Enhanced VCEM role-based access which includes display filters and new operator levels
  • More info at www.hp.com/go/ice