The HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) product family offers midsize to enterprise-size customers leading performance, high-capacity, and high-availability storage solutions for reducing IT costs and complexity. The EVA provides virtualized storage, enabling capacity pooling, simplified management, automatic performance load-balancing, dynamic configuration, and reconfiguration. Continuing to build on this success is the HP StorageWorks  Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA4400/6400/8400).

 ?       EVA4400: 4AA1-8473ENW.pdf

?       EVA6400: 4AA2-9570ENW.pdf

?       EVA8400: 4AA2-9569ENW.pdf

 These white papers include:          

– A high-level discussion about performance numbers in general, including a discussion about the usefulness (or lack thereof) for capacity planning purposes of cache-only performance numbers versus end-to-end performance
– A summary of performance results for the 4400/6400/8400