The latest time (for sure after HP Discover) quite some documents were released around HP CloudSystem.

For my personal reference, I created this little table…

And off course I want to share this with you all… Some great reference documents in there…

Happy reading!

CloudSystem Solutions Brief
5  Myths of Cloud Computing
Start  small, grow tall: why cloud now
HP CloudSystem Reference Architecture
CloudSystem Enterprise Solutions Brief
CloudSystem   Service Provider Solutions Brief
CloudSystem Bursting White Paper
CloudSystem:    Growing Beyond IaaS white paper
Delivering   Cloud Services with HP CloudSystem Service Provider
Build  a cloud within a day (CloudSystem Matrix software)
The industrialization of IT
Cloud computing–competition for IT?
The   cloud: inevitable, but not ubiquitous
Roadmap   to the cloud—building blocks to success
Cloud Computing: Its all about the services
Five steps to a private cloud
What you didn’t know about the   cloud
The cloud question: If you build   it, will they come?
Accelerating Cloud Deployments with Pre-Configured Solutions: Comparing HP, IBM and VCE
Security and CS-Enterprise
Bursting with CS-Enterprise
Build your Open Cloud with HP CloudSystem and KVM
Multi-Tenancy   CloudSystem white paper

And off course do not forget the URL to the CloudSystem website: