Welcome to the Extreme Scale-Out EnvironmentToday, HP launched the HP Extreme Scale-Out (ExSO) portfolio designed to deliver a new magnitude of cost and resource savings for businesses involved in Web 2.0, cloud and high-performance computing.Companies with “scale-out” business models such as these, which operate with thousands of servers, are pushing the limits of current technology solutions. The new HP ExSO portfolio includes a new lightweight, super-efficient modular systems architecture, and spans data center solutions, services and support. The portfolio helps customers reduce costs, improve facility efficiency and dramatically accelerate time to market on a massive scale. The ExSO portfolio enables these customers to save more than $152.8 million in reduced capital expenditures and $13.7 million in energy costs.

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The New HP ProLiant SL6000 Scalable SystemDesigner around extreme scale-out, high performance computing (HPC) and power and space-constrained data center environments, the HP ProLiant SL6000 Scalable System is a highly efficient, modular power and cooling infrastructure with a suite of pluggable server modules in a standard 19-inch rack. It includes server solutions that enhance power efficiency by sharing power supplies and fans – helping you achieve significant cost savings.Learn More:

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The New HP Datacenter Environmental EdgeHP Datacenter Environmental Edge is an affordable approach to monitoring data center environments, resulting in optimal use of data center capacity and a reduction in energy costs. The new HP Environmental Edge technology helps address one of the most critical issues in today’s data centers – power and cooling. By visualizing, analyzing and measuring data center environmental parameters, HP Environmental Edge ensures complete confidence in running more efficient data centers. It clearly bridges the gap between IT and Facilities as both can have deeper insight into their current data center environment.Learn More:

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