An interesting thing about Customer Service and Experiences is that they are not a destination; it is a journey… We, the Knowledge Centered Support Team (KCS) at HP is focused on giving our customers the best-possible experiences, as we believe that customer satisfaction level is paramount to the ultimate success of our organization.

To match pace with the demands of our highly mobile, connected and rapidly changing world our knowledge experts are constantly striving to deliver effective technology solutions. Our main objective is to enable customers to self-solve most of their support questions with the help of our HP Guided Troubleshooting. HPGT is an online self-help tool that provides guides with quick and simple step by step instructions to find solutions to a whole host of technical issues. An enhanced table of contents and ability to search by keywords will help you find solutions to various server and storage related technical issues.

Why Use HPGT? Self-Help Support at your Fingertips

Are you looking for a quick resolution to a technical issue with your server or storage products? Do you know what you need to do to get a resolutionand fast!  Look no further! You can access our HP Guided Troubleshooting for assistance in resolving any technical issues on your own.

The HP troubleshooting guide is an efficient and effective reservoir of guides that can help you find answers to various server or storage related issues. These guides describe a step by step approach for troubleshooting a multitude of issues, which can guide you to the solution you are looking for.

Step by Step

With one click here you can access our comprehensive reservoir of solutions to many of your technical issues. Don’t forget to bookmark the site for future use!  First, select your product. This will take you to a more detailed list of products with categorized topics and solutions within the search engine index.

From there, you will be linked to the troubleshooting guide for the product you selected.