HP Insight control plugin for vCenter is the go-forward vCenter management integration plug-in for HP Storage including 3PAR. In addition to managing all HP block storage arrays, this vCenter plug-in also manages HP servers and Virtual Connect networking.

HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter Server integrates with both VMware vSphere Client and VMware’s new vSphere Web Client.

HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter enables the VMware administrator to quickly obtain contextual information about HP storage directly from vCenter. Available as a no-charge download, this functionality provides the VMware administrator the ability to easily see and manage how virtual machines relate to data stores and individual disk volumes. By providing the ability to clearly view and directly manage these relationships between virtual machines, data stores and HP Storage, the VMware administrator’s productivity increases, as does the ability to ensure quality of service.

Features and Benefits
• Fully compatible with the latest version of VMware, vSphere 5.1
• Monitor and manage the physical / virtual relationships between VMware Virtual Machines, ESX servers and HP Storage
o Map the VMware virtual environment to HP storage and provide detailed contextual storage information
o Create / expand / delete VMware datastores
o Create virtual machines from a template
o Clone virtual machines from an existing virtual machine
o Delete an unassigned volume o Integrated with vSphere Client and the new vSphere Web Client

What’s New in HP Insight Control for VMware vCenter – December 2012
• HP Insight Control Server Module for VMware vCenter v.7.1.1
o Support for the new HP 3PAR StoreServ 7400/7200
o Support for HP 3PAR OS 3.1.2
o Support for LeftHand OS Version 10.0

The HP Insight Control Storage Module for vCenter v.7.1.1 is now available as a free download from SW Depot.: