HP just released a new version for HP 3PAR StoreServ products in conjunction with Windows Server and VMware.

Important change / notice is that persona’s for Windows 2008 R2 servers, which is 1 now, must be changed to 2 with the new firmware 3.1.2.
Also for VMware, which is currently 6, must be changed to the new option 11.

These new persona’s will add additional features to these hosts. The old persona’s 1 and 6 will remain supported but the host will have less functionality.
For instance persona 11 for VMware will allow Peer Persistence…

Important: change of persona’s is a offline task. So the host must be shutdown at the moment of change!

Another important thing to know is that the 3PAR Host Explorer software is (until further notice) not supported under
Windows Server 2012!

More of this can be found in the Implementation Guides. They can be found here (Windows) and here (VMware).

There is also a Best Practices Guide for VMware here.

The VMware vSphere VAAI for HP 3PAR Storage Performance Benefits are described here.

And finally there is also a Pre-Planning Guide for Windows 2012 Server Clustering. Document can be found here.