Never say never, it is always possible that you forget the user account and/or password from your P4000 (former Lefthand) CMC console… Unless you followed my training and payed well attention off course… 😉

Find here the backdoor of how you can reset the password to regain access to your storage environment:

Connect a Console to the Storage Module


For the storage module that you would like to reset the password on, connect a console connection to that module (monitor, keyboard, mouse). You?ll see a screen like this one.

Start the Admin Interface


Type in: start to start the configuration console interface.

Enable Reset Password Option at Login Screen


This is the step where you can hold down the SHIFT button and type in LHN
This will give you more options at the login screen as shown in the step below.

Select Reset Password Option


The ?Reset Password? option will now appear under the Login screen which you can select by using the arrow keys to select the Reset Password option and press Enter.

Reset Admin Password


Type in the new admin login (the default is: admin) and a new password for that login and use the tab key to select the Ok option and press Enter.

Reset Admin Password ? Confirmation


Once you receive a confirmation, the admin password has been reset. You can now use the new login information to login or make edits to the storage module/management group.