On Monday, April 27, 2009, Hewlett Packard is announcing an enhancement to many of their new ProLiant G6 servers. Previously, only servers that installed one DDR3 DIMM per memory channel could reach speeds of 1333Mhz. When two DDR3 DIMMS were installed in a memory channel, the fasted memory speeds that could be reached was 1066MHz.

Until now!

HP Engineers have designed an Hewlett Packard exclusive method so that servers that have two DDR3 DIMMs per memory channel can reach speeds of 1333Mhz!

To add to this HP exclusive, HP is also announcing an 8GB DDR3 RDIMM module that runs at 1333Mhz (previously the fastest 8GB DDR3 RDIMM was 1067MHz). That new part number is 500662-B21.

The requirements for reaching the 1333MHz speeds with two DDR3 DIMMs per channel are detailed below

  • This change is supported with a ROM update via ROM Based Setup Utility (RBSU).
  • Servers must be using 95-watt X-series CPUs.
    • Excludes the ML150 G6 and DL320 G6.
    • For dual rank RDIMMs, 2DPC@1333 will be supported on DL360, DL380, DL160, DL180, ML350, ML370, BL280c, BL460c, BL490c.
    • For single rank & dual rank UDIMMs, 2DPC@1333 will be supported onDL180, BL280c and BL460c.

Link: HP Server Memory