I was looking since a long time for a professional solution for the ESXi servers discovered in HP SIM, where the Major alert was generated by the 6 (out of 8) vmnics with a DOWN status. This is the case with HP G6 or G7 blades with Virtual Connect Flex10 or FlexFabric where not all 8 available NICs are connected to different networks.

For instance in my case I have only vmnic 1 and vmnic2 connected to the full 10Gb connection. So I have 6 vmnics down.

Now finally in HP SIM 7 there is a function that helps you to filter out these “errors/alerts” so that your server will display a green healthy state (if all the rest is OK off course).

How to do this:

– Select the VMware hosts

– go to Tools – Configuration Tool – ESXi Component Status

– select Run Now

– select the NICs you want to ignore the DOWN status, and click “Ignore status”

That’s it. Run a new hardware polling status task and your server is green again!

Good job HP!