We are pleased to announce the availability of a new solution whitepaper.

Best Practices for the HP EVA Array using VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager

This paper describes a set of detailed best practices to plan, setup, deploy, and operate a remote copy infrastructure using VMware VCenter Site Recovery Manager in conjunction with HP StorageWorks Continuous Access EVA Software and the HP EVA Storage Replication Adapter. The test environment is a dual site deployment using HP Blade servers and Continuous Access/EVA. A building block approach is used to design the complete solution, providing a step-by-step set of best practices to deploy the requisite technical components from VMware and HP, showing the relationships and interdependencies.

This paper addresses the following fundamental deployment issues:

·         Operating VMware virtual machines with Continuous Access/EVA

·         Deploying representative workloads in remote copied VMs comprised of various industry applications, such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL server, and File and Print services

·         Creating a representative workflow (recovery plan) that fails-over various sets of VMs to the recovery site

·         Operating the workflow in a test scenario

·         Operating the workflow for a full failover

·         Developing best practices and providing steps to show how to properly fail-back from the recovery site to the protected site

Using the methods and best practices described in this paper can facilitate both the productive planning and the timely deployment of a fully automated disaster recovery plan, using Site Recovery Manager in conjunction with a combination of HP c-Class Blades and EVA arrays running Continuous Access. The following guidelines and best practices ensure these benefits:

·         Proper configuration and deployment of the entire environment, including the VMware environment, the HP Blade Servers, the EVA Disk Array, and the EVA Site Recovery Adapter.

·         Predictable performance characteristics

·         Ease of operation, including tips for how to properly interface HP technology with VMware technology.

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