Is it converged? Is it hyperconverged? HPE calls it actually next-gen converged.

It features the easy of use and deployment of hyperconverged solutions and has the flexibility of scaling storage and compute independently just like converged solutions. Best of both worlds.

That’s also the name: HPE Nimble dHCI, being disaggregated HCI.


Simplicity from HCI – flexibility of converged

What HPE actually did is getting all the great features of an HPE Nimble storage solution combined with some HPE Proliant DL3xx servers, all bundled in 1 package with a new software stack that enables:

        –Simple deployment: 15 minutes deployment from rack installation to deployment of VM’s and apps.

         Simple scalability: auto-discovery of new resources added in the stack, with transparent upgrades

          Simple management: VM-centric data services and resource management in 1 console

          Simple support: InfoSight everywhere for full stack predictive analytics with support automation

Simplified full-stack management

The deployment is rather simple. Connect to the software running on the Nimble system, enter some IP addresses and some other information like desired passwords and network settings, and deploy the storage array, just like a traditional Nimble system.

But then comes the nice stuff. When connecting to the Nimble manager you will get this button asking you to discover and deploy the server part.

You can choose for a new or existing vCenter (the vCenter OVA file seems to be on the dHCI solution available) and for new or existing compute modules (DL360 and DL380 Gen is supported at launch).

Finally create one or more datastores (vVols is supported as well) and of you go.

Push the button, and in 15 minutes you have a completely deployed stack, with vCenter ready to use.



Of course, everything is backed by HPE InfoSight with its predictive analytics and all other magic known from the traditional Nimble arrays.


Check out also the Chalk Talk video by my HPE fellow Calvin Zito aka HPEStorageGuy on this topic.


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