A new Firmware Best Practices Planning Guide is now available on the HP website.  It can be downloaded from


This new planning guide is intended to provide an outline for creating a firmware update plan to follow
before updating your server and enclosure environments.  This contains new and updated information about firmware planning including:

• Updated best practices for firmware deployment
• Update regularity
• Creation of baselines
• Handling of interim and critical updates
• Differences in planning based on environments including single server, enclosure, distributed data center, large enterprise and CloudSystem Matrix
• Driver dependencies for all types of firmware updates
• How to gather information for reports
• Interim updates for Windows PSPs with associated advisories for updating PSPs to the latest version from as far back as PSP 7.00

The planning guide is intended to update and enhance the planning information in the original Firmware Best Practices Implementer’s Guide.

All part of a major effort by HP to tackle the frequency and impact that keeping data center infrastruture upgraded, updated, and productive. Look for much more over the next several months.