HP Qualified Options now includes the very latest 16GB dual rank and 32GB quad rank memory.  The new 16GB dual rank PC3L-10600R is 67% faster and uses 73% less power than the current 16GB quad rank memory. Did you know HP recently achieved #1 SPECvirt sc2010® on the HP ProLiant DL380 G7 using the new 16GB dual rank memory? What an excellent proof point for industry-leading virtualized server consolidation and power efficiency from HP! The new 32GB quad rank PCL-8500R memory DOUBLES the overall maximum memory capacity (from 192GB to 384GB) on our flagship HP ProLiant DL380 G7, BL460c G7 and DL360 G7.  Both new products are targeted for virtualization, large database applications and are ideal for customers in the HPC or Financial Services Sector that demand either faster speed or greater memory footprints.  Other HP ProLiant servers will be qualified soon.

High-capacity DDR3 Memory data sheet 

HP Qualified Options