As the 3PAR integration progresses, key 3PAR collateral assets are being transitioned into the HP system. To date, the following documents are available now:

1.    HP-3PAR Utility Storage Product Brochure – An essential introduction to HP 3PAR products that provides an overview of the 3PAR architecture, as well as hardware and software products.
2.    HP 3PAR Thin Technologies Brief – Thin Provisioning, Thin Conversion, Thin Persistence, and Thin Copy Reclamation.
3.    HP 3PAR F-Class Storage System Product Brief – Reduces mid-range array sprawl.
4.    HP 3PAR T-Class Storage System Product Brief ? A powerful, efficient, single-system virtualized array (brief available Jan. 31).
5.    HP 3PAR GeoCluster Software for Microsoft Brief ? Simple, quick and effective disaster recovery.

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