One of the realities of today’s world is the ever growing data storage requirements, challenging the storage administrators to size and grow the storage space required by various applications. Administrators who have to allocate storage to their applications typically end up over provisioning their storage to avoid application downtimes and administrative overhead of re-provisioning storage. This over provisioning of storage leads to higher capital expense (more disks) and also higher operating expense (more floor space, power and cooling cost). 

HP P6000 Thin Provisioning Software solves this problem by allowing an administrator to assign more virtual space to an application than what actually exists on the P6000 EVA. This way multiple applications can utilize a virtual pool of storage. As the storage requirements of the application grow the administrator can add more disks to their existing P6000 storage array without having the need to re-provision their storage. This way a P6000 EVA customer can take advantage of not only lower capital expenditure by purchasing just the required capacity but also reduced operating expenditure for power and cooling.

Find all the details in this technical whitepaper.