For a specific case at a customer site I found and used this great technical whitepaper around Peer Motion on HP Lefthand storage…

Shows again how great and flexible the Lefthand technology is…


Peer Motion in HP LeftHand Storage

Peer Motion is a data migration technology which offers LeftHand customers two simple and flexible methods of moving data volumes within their LeftHand environment. The two methods are:

• Volume migration

• Cluster swap

Volume migration and cluster swap employ peer-to-peer storage federation concepts to seamlessly move application workloads between tiers of data storage or storage clusters within a LeftHand environment. Peer Motion in HP LeftHand supports all LeftHand platforms ranging from the VSA to the midrange and high-performance storage systems.

Peer Motion enables dynamic resource leveling of LeftHand storage volumes without storage downtime or maintenance window outage. Resource leveling for LeftHand systems is quick, easy, and executed within a few simple steps thus helping to reduce the need for long-term storage planning and complicated budget forecasting.

Peer Motion Benefits

• Offers data and workload movement between storage clusters to address performance and capacity requirements

• Enables seamless LeftHand storage technology refreshes, eliminating downtime and/or service interruption during migration/upgrade activities

• Promotes federated asset management—by moving data from retiring storage arrays to new storage systems non disruptively

• Allows flexible migration of data volumes between multi-site clusters to align with the growing demand for cloud based storage

• Enables clients to transparently move application workloads between storage tiers in virtualized and cloud computing environments

• Increases return on investment by combining HP thin provisioning and volume migration technology

Peer Motion supports volume migration for “full” and “thinly” provisioned LeftHand volumes. Peer Motion preserves the provisioning method (full or thin) associated with existing volumes during data migration services and supports migration of data within:

• Volumes

• Snapshots

• SmartClone volumes


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