The new version of the HP Power Advisor tool (v3.0) was released on Friday of last week.  The new version is built on .NET 4.0 and no longer requires users to download Adobe AIR.  It also features an entirely new user interface which is intended to make the tool more user friendly.  In addition to the new UI, we have also included:

  • Support of New Gen 8 Servers
    • BL460c Gen       8
    • DL360p Gen8
    • DL380p Gen8
    • DL350p Gen8       (Rack and Tower versions)
    • SL230 Gen8 1U
    • SL250 Gen8 2U
  • Support for new Gen 8 options      (including the new FlexibleLOM expansion cards)
  • Drive updates for Rx2800 i2      server
  • Support of new BladeSystem      D2200sb (our first HP Storage solution in the tool)

PA 3.0 also includes a new Smart Update feature which will notify users if a new version is available each time they open the tool.  We will be using this feature to port in new updates – missing options, bug fixes, etc.  This should make it much simpler for users to get the latest and greatest PA version as soon as it is available.

Please note a few things about our initial release:

  • We have only included a download      version for the initial release – we will be looking to release an online      version next week.  I think it is better for users to actually      download the tool and typically recommend this – however, we recognize      that some users are unable to download applications to their systems
  • PA 3.0 was released with some      missing options.  We are working to get missing processor, DIMM, and      expansion card options added ASAP.  Unfortunately, the power data for      these options was not provided to us before our sharepoint freeze      date.  You should see some of these options added periodically over      the next few weeks.

You can download the new tool at