The software components that are required to support VMware on the new ProLiant Gen8 servers are now live on the web. This includes the custom images as well as the individual offline bundles. This enables customers to either use HP custom images (recommended as the easiest and most reliable way to deploy HP servers) or to create their own custom images.
The ProLiant Gen8 servers do require a custom image, due to the requirements to use updated networking and SmartArray drivers. Customers who chose not to use the HP custom image must create a custom image starting with the VMware base image and including the required drivers. There is a link below that shows what HP includes with our custom images.
For customers who are using AutoDeploy, they need to include the new drivers as well when creating their AutoDeploy images.
The HP custom images are available at software depot.
For ESXi 5.0 we have a 5.0 image and a 5.0 U1 image. They are both available via the link below:
For ESXi 4.1 U2 we have a custom image and it is available at the link below:
The link below points to the tables that list the items that HP has included in each image:
The individual software components are being posted on and should be available in the next few days.
The HP HCL has been updated to indicate support for the new ProLiant Gen8 servers at the URL below:
These servers should also show up on the VMware Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) in the coming days.