HPE announced an update on its management software kit called OneView and OneSphere.

OneView is for more than 4 years the on-premise management solution for initially Proliant BL blade servers but meanwhile extended to DL, ML and Apollo server series, and as well StoreVirtual and 3PAR storage systems.

OneSphere was announced last year at HPE Discover in Madrid being the multi-cloud management platform with a direct connection to the on-premise solution being OneView acting as a private cloud resource provider. OneSphere allows you to manage your private cloud just like a public cloud from a single console and instance.

Unlike OneView being an on-premise tool in the form of a virtual machine or a physical appliance, OneSphere is a complete SaaS based application running in the public cloud. Therefore, you will not find any version numbering whatsoever.


Any cloud, any workload, any toolset

So, what was announced on June 4th:

As you can see in the picture many updates were added in this new release. Life of an admin will be made easier with non-disruptive rolling updates on a cluster-wide level (imagine VMware with all their updates lately) and faster firmware updates on the latest Gen10 hardware.

There is also optimized software integration with Microsoft (Azure Stack, System Center) and VMware (vRealize stack).

Thanks to the open API that HPE uses from day 1 within OneView, every week new software companies are added in the HPE Composable partner ecosystem. Think of Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Docker, OpenStack, Mesosphere, Morpheus, SaltStack, and so on…

Other updates include optimized remote support enhancements, more software defined storage support and security enhancements. Also Cisco ACI integration was shown.


At launch, OneSphere supported AWS as the first (and only) public cloud provider. Now Microsoft Azure and KVM (default hypervisor in OpenStack solutions) are added to the list as well.


Aren’t you one of those 1 million users currently using OneView (HPE announced this 1M milestone as well)? Be sure to check out my ‘How To’ pages where you can find all practical information on HPE OneView, like installing, configuring and updating the software…


I fFound also this funny video on OneView which is broadcasted in the US, not here in Belgium… Well HPE, feel free to deliver me one of those fluffy monsters for my own datacentre aka homelab which is under full control of OneView since version 1.0 already!




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