IDC released their quarterly server market share data for the 4th quarter of 2010.  Did you know that?:

  • For the entire calendar year 2010, HP tied for #1 position in total worldwide server revenue.
  • HP shipped a new server every 11 seconds in CY2010.
  • For the 35th consecutive quarter, 8 3/4 years, HP is the #1 vendor in worldwide server shipments.
  • HP increased total  unit shipments, year over year, by more than the top four competitors combined.
  • HP has been leading the blade server market for 17 consecutive quarters
    HP shipped 1.7 times as many blades as #2 IBM, and 4.9 times as many as #3 Dell.
  • HP shipped in less than every 3 days, the same amount of blade servers as Sun/Oracle shipped in the full quarter.
  • HP increased blade unit shipments year-over-year by more than all other vendors combined.
  • For the 58th consecutive quarter, more than 14 years, HP ProLiant is the x86 server market share leader in both factory revenue and units
  • HP Integrity blades maintained the #1 position in revenue for the RISC+EPIC blade segment gaining 20.8 percentage points year-over-year.
  • HP is #1 in Windows® revenue and units worldwide.
  • HP is #1 in Linux® revenue and units worldwide.
  • For the 3 major operating environments UNIX, Windows and Linux combined (representing 99.7% of all servers shipped worldwide), HP is number 1 worldwide in server unit shipment and revenue market share.

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