HP announced at HP Discover in Frankfurt the new model in the 3PAR portfolio. Besides the existing P10000 high-end series now there is also a P7000 midrange model.

Also for the first time (after 2 years of thinking/hoping/expecting) HP announced the new P7000 3PAR as the next-gen EVA. Finally.Not that the EVA is bad (I love it!) but HP needed to go further to follow (and stay ahead) of the competition.

HP talks about polymorphic simplicity (who invents these things?) across the platform, for low-, mid- and high-end environments.

So what is announced:

HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 midrange systems

  • StoreServ 7200 dual controller model
  • StoreServ 7400 dual/quad controller model

SAS drives in FC carriers for the F-, T, and 10000 (former V-class) systems

  • 300GB/15k SFF SAS
  • 450 and 900GB/10k SFF SAS
  • 2TB 7.2k LFF MDL SAS

The new P7000 models:

So this is how the StoreServ (new name of 3PAR) portfolio looks like:

These will be the P7000 building blocks:

On the licensing side (besides the firmware which will be explained in another blog post soon) also there HP did a great thing.
They created a few suites that covers the most important software features that can be handy in your 3PAR environment.

Important message was the availability of EVA-to-3PAR Online Import.
For VMware and the most recent Unix versions, online migration of volumes will be supported. For Windows HP calls it minimally disruptive, meaning that U will need a reboot in the process.
I saw a demo of the migration process, couldn’t be more simple…
Calvin Zito (@HPstorageGuy) created a video on this one, here is the link to his great blog.

This is an overview of the greatest changes and new things, behind there is off course much more. Contact me for the details.

Find the Quickspecs here.

Find the Datasheet here.

Find a whitepaper “An Introduction to HP 3PAR StoreServ for the EVA Administrator” here.

Find the great blog on the P7000 from Calvin Zito here.