HP announced at HP Discover in Frankfurt the new version of the 3PAR (oops StoreServ) Operating System version 3.1.2 replacing 3.1.1.

Find here the most important topics:

Ease of use

New 3PAR 7000 Software Suites
– Simplified ordering, reduced bundle prices

Out of Box installation and configuration
– 3PAR SmartStart for midrange

Enhanced Adaptive Optimization
– Management via IMC instead of System Reporter
– All logic to run on controllers

Autonomic Replication Groups
– Automatically create replicated volumes when initial volume created

Autonomic Rebalance
– Re-layout data when new drives are added

Web Services API
– RESTful API access to 3PAR Storage

Online Fat-to-Thin or Thin-to-Fat for existing volumes
– Convert volumes inline non disruptively without  additional capacity

Virtual Service Processor
– Option to run the SP in a Virtual Machine instead of a physical server (and the physical server is finally a real Proliant server!)

Management console  & volume provisioning simplification

Full Copy Instant Export

Higher Availability

Persistent Ports (utilizing NPIV)
– Online firmware upgrade without dependency on multipath software. Host path stays online.

Mixed Sync/Async Periodic remote copy
– Support both modes simultaneously on the same remote copy connection

Enhanced Federation

3PAR Peer Motion Enhancements
– GUI enhancements
– Extended OS and cluster support

EVA to 3PAR Online Import

Peer Persistence

Extended Connectivity

Windows 2012 storage integrations
– Windows space reclamation (T10)

– Copy offload (ODX)